Author: Ivan A. Uemlianin
Contact: ivan@llaisdy.com

Bug list

General bugs

  • trefnydd needs all data in one directory, to be imported in one go. Should allow data to be imported piecemeal, from a variety of sources.
  • when importing data, tr puts all the data into memory (eg 1000 wav files!). It should just load up the addresses and only load the data when it's to be used.
  • Currently, the G2P ruleset must be loaded after both the Prapheme and Phoneme sets or it doesn't import properly (all phones are set to MED). This is a bug: trefnydd should show an alert dialogue and not allow the G2P ruleset to be imported.

GUI bugs

  • grey out inactive options, widgets, etc. ESPECIALLY 'Audio | View/Edit'
  • functionality available from menu bar as well as context pop-up menus
  • the view/edit pane has ugly rendering; also doesn't remove previous selections (eg viewing segtiers).
  • changed but not saved bits should be coloured red

Functions to be added

  • 'Metadata' node under corpus node (subling to 'Data' node).
  • when importing corpus data punctuation should be preserved. Apostrophes next to a word should be kept attached to that word. Resolving what these marks 'really' are can be done via the PD. NB this means the PD must support ...
  • text and audio concordancing (eg click on a word in the PD, it lists you that word's occurences in the corpora)